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514 enterprises were entered last year be stationed in Qinghai face penis to she
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“ last year, qinghai face penis sheds garden area to 188 add an enterprise newly to enter the area that be stationed in garden, up to now, the thing that enters the area that be stationed in garden sheds an enterprise to already amounted to 514. ”1 month 29 days, toward penis area drifting garden concerns chief to say.

Build leader group according to shedding garden division toward penis newest statistic, one year garden division other people shed an enterprise to manage sexual income to achieve 3.9 billion yuan in the past, increased 1.9 billion yuan than 2006, port's cargo throughput finishs 4.2 million tons, increased 2 million tons than 2006, rise 91% . Group of products of limited company, Qinghai, Qinghai saves trade of content of group of Xining long abundant building materials of rising sun of limited company of group of Fu Kang medicine, Xining is integrated the income of the enterprise of garden area key such as market limited company all presents ascendant trend. In build a project 6, “ ten million ton railroad other people sheds freight transport of central ”“ road advocate the large project such as hub ” is negotiating in, many 10 do content newly to shed an enterprise to enjoy " content of Qinghai rising sun sheds garden division policy of capital attraction privilege " , capital attraction situation is satisfactory.

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