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Area of garden of industry of Xi Yongwei electron introduced yesterday, garden area already was the same as the Asia's biggest IT to groom a few days ago NIIT company signs orgnaization ——— India formally to be stationed in an agreement, the mark is worn Xi Yongyuan becomes world famous IT to groom the orgnaization is in China of layout important one annulus.

Indian NIIT company is to look the IT with preexistence banner bound grooms orgnaization, its branch covers 31 states, wholy-owned already accuse an United States' biggest IT to groom orgnaization ElementK.

According to introducing, NIIT company grooms what began to run garden of Xi Yongwei report in March base, base serves the bag outside basically developing software the application of the domain talented person, achieve inside 5 years groom every year the dimensions of 2000 people, make its groom for the admiral inside Chinese area base.

NIIT company just shows, the good relationship that will use its and Indian IT firm is positive recommend India is large and medium-sized company of the package outside software invests to Chongqing Xi Yongyuan begin professional work, the bag outside stimulative Chongqing serves industrial development.

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