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In change: Course of study of the foreign enterprise in there are 715 again last
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The reporter learned from government of the district in change a few days ago, what invest a structure as a result of emancipatory tablet CBD is ceaseless and reasonable, ended last year in December the middle ten days of a month,

As we have learned, liberated tablet CBD afterwards to introduce country's biggest electric equipment shopkeeper last year: The related company Beijing of national beautiful electric equipment after roc embellish is successful. Back-to-back Hong Kong broken bits hits change of bank, American capital bank, harbor to assure, nimble letter assures, bank of the letter in China, Chongqing is public transportation station field company, meal of affectedly sweet king of sand of beneficial civilian fund, Hong Kong, in promoting a doctrine industrial, and Tai Xiang, collect, fine river, inferior deep, heavy full figure is large and landed large quantities of one domestic and international big companies such as development company early or late settle, and cabinet of Singapore elegant poem is bought add up to scene B business affairs building, make boarding house of high-grade hotel type, it is an industry blank that fill knows area of the CBD that put tablet more. Current, bring capital in all into 715 enterprises that are stationed in emancipatory tablet CBD 933 million yuan of RMBs. These are entered newly in be stationed in an enterprise, the enterprise of direction of structural adjustment of the industry in according with change is entered newly with respect to the area in taking change 45.1% what be stationed in company number, make enterprise of emancipatory tablet CBD also gets be optimizinged further into the structure that be stationed in.

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