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China software of soft communication and liaison garrisons blame center- - in ga
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In January 2008, international is famous multilingual software provider China company of software of soft communication and liaison (CSOFT company) settle " is not a center- - in " of garden of great international business affairs. CSOFT company is the leader that test of solution of international multiligualism whole world, application and software development serve, it is one of companies that China has most technology resource. CSOFT company has a large number of international famous client, include money of 5 ranks world among them 500 strong the company of before 10.

Blame center- - in garden of great international business affairs, be located in area of Beijing rising sun 5 lis of bridges, cover an area of about 39 hectare, it is one exceeds 450 thousand to make the same score rice, office of collect business affairs, meeting is exhibited, hotel, recreational, amusement is happy the group of omnibus business affairs of an organic whole. This project is Beijing total in build and building a project volume the biggest, program designs one of divisions of business affairs office with the most all ready configuration of the most advanced, property, the Beijing that be labelled 60 big major project. First phase 100 thousand square metre, the building form with 4 office building in the garden, of 22% exceed small building density, the exceeds low volume ratio, 86%-97% high utilization rate of 0.9, for transnational corporation, large and medium-sized company headquarters or center of research and development provide room of top-ranking business affairs office, initiated the office mode of garden of Beijing business affairs.

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