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The lube project settle with the biggest southwest establishs bridge industry ga
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On January 22, the agreement is signed in big crossing by the project of lube of card of 300 thousand tons of Great Walls of Chinese petrifaction dominant, the lube project settle that this is indicating southwest is the biggest builds the bridge. This is afterwards of area of the garden that build the bridge be born of project of the 4th after project of 4 10 billion class 5 billion class.

“ this is up to now the lube project ” with the biggest southwest, feng Youchao of assistant manager of branch of Chongqing of Chinese petrifaction lube introduces, this project always invests 1 billion yuan, cover an area of 420 mus, the synthesis with plan building the biggest southwest is lube fat, medium high-grade lube produces base, the target is produced can 300 thousand tons, expect production value 5 billion yuan. Among them, start working built first phase project 2008, cover an area of 300 mus, invest 570 million yuan (do not contain) of the charge that ask for the ground, produce can 215 thousand tons, production value 3 billion yuan.

The Jiang Yunde that comes from Beijing on a special trip thinks, benefit of this one project content of good, free from contamination, science and technology is high, the plant that builds world top-ranking level.

Before this, the environmental protection argumentation of this project has been passed, already began now plan design. According to the agreement that both sides reachs, start working of 2 quarters end is built this year, put into production of the end of the year.

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