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Center of technology of Asia-Pacific of Shanghai of location of move of headquar
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Companies of 500 Er of Wei of strong Huo Ni announced the whole world a few days ago, the headquarters of whole world of electronic material ministry of group of subordinate and special data, will go to from American change be located in center of technology of Chinese Shanghai Asia-Pacific, bright the beginning of the year will begin to run, monitor of material of electron of research and development of key is in Shanghai, flat and photoelectricity product.

It is reported, special data group is located in the Asia-Pacific technology center of Shanghai in extend at present, area of the lab after extend will expand double. Du Shilan of CEO of special data group expresses Huoniweier, at present the production of world electron material and centre of gravity of research and development already transferred an Asia especially China, chinese market already was growth of business of whole world of group of Er of Wei of whole Huo Ni the new engine with be mixed the most quickly the mainest.

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