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Always new way of light of urban district of location of move of headquarters of
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What headquarters sets in Na Huikang bridge 12 years is long always happy (China) limited company of electric equipment sale is as beautiful as the country yesterday a move to a better place or have a promotion reachs group Shanghai large area the smooth new Luyongleguang by core line is new inn 3, . Always happy electric equipment and national beautiful electric equipment incorporated a year many hind, finished finally from the suburb move to the city.

Always happy the construction that strengthened after service, client to serve a team while headquarters removes, optimized equipment of 800 free call, provided advanced hardware and software to promote a service quality further. Also strengthened at the same time tell contact with the channel between government, media, achieve the purpose that serves for consumer better.

According to introducing, since large area of Shanghai of national beautiful group held water last year in June, the country is beautiful, always happy two old brands entered deepness conformity phase, ” of strategy of happy double brand runs “ Guo Meiyong to be shown increasingly into effect and integrated advantage. 2007, below division of large area of Shanghai of national beautiful group always two old brand in pairs of beauty of happy, country obtained great progress, achieve sale in all 15 billion yuan, among them Shanghai always happy sale is close 10 billion, hold Shanghai field the market share of 50% above. Shanghai always happy had made sheet of whole nation of national beautiful group inn smooth effect is highest, run one of the most preeminent groups. 2008, shanghai always happy will quicken development pace, continue to promote the advantage that is in Shanghai, always happy want set up shop not only, and should leave more high grade large store, want all heat section that is in Shanghai, see the marked inn of Yong Lesheng vivid electric equipment is enrolled.

It is reported, to celebrate the happy event of this second move to a better place or have a promotion, always happy chain store was rolled out give a gift 1 million yuan, ten million yielding benefit yuan activity. Celebrate hock day, below Sony, SamSung, pine, Toshiba, day stands, Er of Xia Pu, sea, beautiful, sea letter, Kang Jia, TCL, start dimension, LG, long rainbow, new division, family be good at, the manufacturer manager such as wave guide all visits the site, bring customer the biggest privilege.

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