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Office building of Sydney of rent of bank of wheat style texture 15000 square me
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Recently, the reporter considers to discover in the report from what Dai Deliang goes, 2007 supply and demand of office building market two flourishing, of disaster and global money market second borrow the crisis to do not have pair of Sydney office building to rent the market to cause any effects it seems that. 2007 end, the whole market that rent continues strong, hire increasingly drive up. A variety of evidence make clear, the hire level of the market has the tendency of further growth.

If GE real estate is cost 40 million bay yuan, bought tall to control a market (George Street)210 date, expect earnings 5.7% . And the company of Investa real estate that the near future is bought by Magenshidanli (IPG) criterion from GE real estate 112 million bay yuan buy next Pitt aves 130, expect earnings 5% , the building of this 15000 square metre rents Mai Ge manages at present bank (Macquarie Bank) is used.

Recently, the nave inside QIC investment combination (3 buildings make over Central Plaza) , average income signs up for 4.9% , cause level of market gross earnings somewhat cut. But at the same time, the business that the four seasons spends Bulisibandi trades with property assets the forehead exceeds 1.3 billion bay yuan, it may be said is to be the market drew satisfactory full stop 2007.

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