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New space new development -- 3 water chestnut of Shanghai are entered achieve st
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New space new development -- 3 water chestnut of Shanghai are entered achieve start financial center

A few days ago, the reporter learns, because business extends need, develop larger space, more quickly, automation of electric machinery of 3 water chestnut (Shanghai) limited company undertakes adjustment to office area, since January 4, 2008, sections of 3 water chestnut section come change Nanjing of area of Shanghai yellow riverside on the west the road is achieved 288 numbers promote financial center 17F. These branches include: Management layout ministry inside 7 branches.

Project general situation

Center of Shanghai Liao Chuangxing banking is located in Shanghai Nanjing on the west road and mouth of across of new prosperous road, by Liao Chuangxing company limited company is developed. Edifice advocate building height is 174.4 meters, annex is 2 ~ 6, underground divides 5. Total floor area amounts to 70 thousand square metre, among them office building part is in 30 thousand more than square metre. Total investment makes an appointment with 500 million yuan, for edifice of 37 5A intelligence. Limited company of Liao Chuangxing company and government office of civil administration of person of area of Shanghai yellow riverside are wholy-owned and accessary company —— Chun Shenjiang is industrial head office parts hold 95 % and 5 % share.

Parking space: 197

Property runs a company: Dai Deliang goes

Agent: Davis of the first peace and tranquility

Property cost: 30 yuan / square metre / month

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