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Taiwan unites group settle Shanghai to face area of empty economy garden - searc
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A few days ago, taiwan unites industry group to face area of empty economy garden to hold foundation stone laying ceremony of headquarters office building in Shanghai, this action indicates headquarters of this enterprise mainland is official settle Shanghai. This the group establishs headquarters in the mainland, the watch understands unified enterprise to will reinforce the determination that develops in the mainland further.

Group president Lin Cangsheng expresses on foundation stone laying ceremony, unified bloc base oneself upon is become here and move toward the ground of the world. Lin Cangsheng says, below the support of mainland respect, unified bloc obtained positive result of plentiful and substantial in the mainland. He believes, the experience that gains Taiwan and mainland market phase are united in wedlock, regular meeting makes unite a group to have better development prospect.

Unified enterprise founds Yutaina 40 years ago, it is group of before Taiwan 10 big lead companies, there are 8 to appear on the market below the banner company. President Lin Cangsheng says on foundation stone laying ceremony, the group invested to the mainland 1992, already built 53 businesses at present, total investment amounts to 3 billion much dollar. Food of battalion of proprietor of an enterprise, derive supermarket of development food raw material, chain, content shedding and finance at the same time, year turnover amounts to 15 billion yuan of RMBs. 1998, unified bloc established unified company in Shanghai (China) investment limited company, capitalization 2. 400 million dollar.

On one: Company of service of design of the biggest IC garrisons the Asia garden of Suzhou international science and technology

Below one: Farmer of Taiwan of riverside of Zhang of settle of 64 stages look forward to does poineering work to always invest 100 million dollar field

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