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Finance of settle of headquarters of 8 banks Wuhan serves an area - search house
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Finance of settle of headquarters of 8 banks Wuhan serves an area

Riverside sends new Hua Lu of optional location of bank Wuhan headquarters, wuhan finance serves an area to add ” of “ Xin Ding again. Yesterday, the ” of edifice of international of elite of “ of first class office building in be being built, more the name sends bank large building for riverside, so far, the Wuhan headquarters settle of 8 banks this area.

All round the ” of “ gold cross axle that comprises in order to build highway and new Hua Lu, will form Wuhan finance to serve an area. Current, the Construction Bank, hand in travel, action travel, letter to close, in the Wuhan headquarters of the bank such as letter, wide hair, it is inside this area, the large building of bank of the people's livelihood that is located in new Hua Lu also is being decorated, also will enter before long halt.

Project general situation

Large building of riverside hair bank is located in Wuhan Jiang Han Ou Xinhua road 218, by course of study of buy of fierce Chinese-English heart limited company is developed.

Cover an area of an area: 5979.56 square metre

Floor area: 51000 square metre

Volume ratio: 6.39

Total a number: 203

Parking space: More than 200

Floor state: Building of 1—3 layer skirt 7 meters, 4-20 layer 3.8 meters, rice of 21-22 layer 6-8

Elevator: Elevator of intelligence of 8 high speed; 1350KG of single ladder carring capacity; Speed 2.5 meters / second

The layer is tall: 1-3 layer group building 7 meters, 4-—20 layer 3.8 meters; 21 22 6.8 meters

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