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Garden of the business affairs that tell a state is circumjacent 5 road inside y
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Connect two sides of river of ministry of northwest of state new city, lukewarm Yu, the business affairs garden of kilometer of 73 thousand square is throwing area of a total program construction. The 4 garden of “ that it is division of service of capital finance tiring-room one of ” , predict to be in this year in October, the first enterprise will be greeted to enter here halt.

Guo Jinlong is in Beijing middle finger of 13 governmental working report that National People's Congress becomes on conference opening ceremony go out, did not come 5 years, beijing should perfect financial industry to give aid to policy and service system, accelerate financial tiring-room to serve garden area construction, attract orgnaization of of all kinds finance actively to develop in Beijing.

As we have learned, connect garden of business affairs of state new city at what formal in January 2007 start builds, 5 main viatic build garden area periphery to had been started. Among them, city of clear and coherent road paragraph already start working construction, this year in June complete; The highway welcoming guest that leads to the airport has completed the work that tear open change, with sunny north Lu Dongyan is long term start working of one result near future, the copy is basic and complete this year; The road is preparing ave of Yuan Bei of Lu of line of northern part of first phase of business affairs garden and lukewarm Yu river on the west, will at near future start working. After 5 roads get through, airport of capital of northing of business affairs garden 10 kilometers, area of westing CBD core 12 kilometers, traffic advantage all is shown, provide admirable investment climate for the enterprise.

This year, the first phase of park of landscape of lukewarm Yu river that opens garden of business affairs of state new city to still will finish 200 thousand square metre is built, build business affairs garden central landscape highway. Current, garden of the business affairs that tell a state has accused with financial market, a few enterprises such as bank of office of Hua Tai insurance company, Jin Du's attorney, an ancient name for China undertook connection and palaver, among them 6 enterprises reached the intent that enter garden.

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Garden of business affairs of business affairs garden can call commercial garden again, namely the office division in the park. With area of central business affairs (CBD) is same, the building all is office building, have office function. The as mainest as CBD distinction is, area of central business affairs is located in urban center and density is big, and business affairs garden also can be located in outskirts, but the environment is good, beautiful like the park.

Business affairs garden at last centuries 80 time begin to appear in great quantities in Euramerican country. Because international company is right environmental demand is increasingly strong, contemporary message medium is updated ceaselessly, urban office cost rises increasingly, optional location of garden of foreign business affairs is located in urban newly-added district mostly, draw near the airport, a sector of an area with beautiful environment. Traffic develops, assemble effect is apparent, manpower is resourceful, develop to high-end direction stage by stage. Business affairs garden is the practice with current international, unlike area of central business affairs (CBD) and general industry garden, suit to expand contemporary service line of business particularly.
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