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Shen Bei: The world 500 strong " install nature science to flow " settle - searc
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Http://office.soufun.com estate portal - 2008-1-22 11:0 of search room net5:00 Shenyang dailySummary:

A few days ago, the American industry real estate that content of 500 strong companies of world, whole world sheds an industry to rank the 2nd develops line of business of Shang Anbo buy limited company and Shenyang north new developed area install nature science to shed northeast cent to dial central ” project to sign an agreement formally with respect to “ . After the content that this is and other places of Shanghai of afterwards of course of study of the buy that bring gain, Beijing, Ning Bo sheds central project, of northeastern region first cloth dot.

“ installs nature science to shed northeast cent to dial central ” project to be located in Shenyang north new developed area Xinchengzi north of economic area Shenyang is contemporary garden of content abortion course of study, always invest 68 million dollar, main construction storage, deserve to send wait for content to shed infrastructure. Project general this year start working is built, construction is periodic 6 months.

Below one: Full garden of fast “ of undergraduate poineering garden”Half an year already was entered be stationed in 15 enterprises

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