"Shadow of fine hill sail " lunar base begins construction hopeful Cheng Yazhou
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Western the first high-rise -- the group makes Ruianji " Jia Lingfan shadow " , will in October the last ten-day of a month is formal in change construction of start working of Ou Hualong bridge. At the appointed time, "New city of Chongqing heaven and earth " will start project of sex of two big marks at the same time -- freeboard layer " center of trade of classics of international of · of Jia Lingfan shadow " , and the close landscape of several square metre is artificial lake project.


"Shadow of fine hill sail " the building is tall after many alter

The message that comes from Chongqing luck install estate of heaven and earth to expand a company discloses, "Shadow of fine hill sail " have more than 100 buildings in all, after building advocate of the building can amount to floor height to exceed 430 meters, press the index computation that can amount to floor, before hopeful exceeds order row " the first high-rise of Asian " Taipei 101 buildings, become western the newly mark of future of the first high-rise, Chongqing. Want to know, 101 buildings replaced Taipei building of star of Gemini of Malaysia kuala lumpur, obtain the letter of the first high-rise of world. So, "Shadow of fine hill sail " this western the first high-rise after all much taller?


"What we can disclose is, ' Jia Lingfan shadow ' after building, be absolutely western the first high-rise. " as to this architectural specific height, luck installs a respect to be in all the time strict " confidential " level.

According to reporter understanding, 2005 Chu Hualong bridge is transformed begin construction when, come out should build " Jia Lingfan shadow " message. According to the program at that time, "Shadow of fine hill sail " in all 98 layer, 398 meters tall. But as domestic high-rise record defeat again broken, "Shadow of fine hill sail " height also subsequently when the river rises the boat goes up too, a few easy its stalk of grain.

Bring the view of estate president Mr Luo Kangrui according to luck, with " the first high-rise " label photograph is compared, urban land mark has richer intention. And " Chongqing heaven and earth " the newly mark that serves as Chongqing, its core depends on " center of contemporary service line of business " decide definitely. Its begin construction, mean the fortune engine with new Chongqing to be about to start formally.

Chongqing will become future of the manufacturing industry western, "But Chongqing lies fallow in high-grade office building, travel at present wait for domain of service line of business to return apparent inadequacy, and ' Chongqing heaven and earth ' will be Chongqing fill a vacancy " . Luo Kangrui says.
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