Hire of Shanghai Pudong office building 3 quarters drop 7%
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Suffer be confined to a variety of elements, the hire of Shanghai Pudong office building is in experienced what rise 4 years continuously " good time " later drop first degrees.

Measure the count that couplet goes according to intermediate, 2008 of space of Shanghai office building add newly supply will surpass the record 1998, what become violent wind of complete project amount to rise almost is germinant, area of new office building will increase about 1.6 million square metre. This means Shanghai now of 3.3 million square metre put a quantity to the end of 2012 to will still break up one time, among them about 75 % will be in Pudong practice.

Center of Shanghai round-the-world banking and in build an edifice to be market infuse of nearly 300 thousand square metre increase supply newly.

"International economy environment causes chain effect, transnational corporation puts delay outspread pace, make then originally hot Pudong office building glides in hire of the 3rd quarter 7 % . " yesterday, gudong Buddhist nun is opposite president of Shanghai of travel of intermediate quantity couplet " daily of the first finance and economics " the analysis says.

Although begin to throw development in period of estate market prosperity, but apparent they meet the manners and morals of the time in practice place and stagnant: Whole the 3rd quarter is only 3 foreign capital are bought trade, because have a holiday,the capital of North America and Europe examines its mainland market afresh the opportunity of low venture capital investment that place of rest and reorganization brings, the stability that begins pair of office building property holds conservative mood.

Besides the ignore of investor, the case of tenement also produced delicate change.

"A few transnational corporation plan business to be able to grow 30 % to arrive originally 50 % , but final likelihood adjusts 10 % to arrive 20 % . The adjustment on these business is restricting the demand of office building reversely. " analyst of travel of intermediate quantity couplet says to the reporter. In the past 8 to 10 months, bank of a lot of foreign capital and financial orgnaization break down their outspread plan, some are overall cancelled even.

In the meantime, defer as what dilate plans, a few big companies remove to be reduced accordingly to the demand of new building and pressing sex. By force of the pressure that comes from company headquarters, make the budget that much transnational corporation is in cut staff invite applications for a job and office to decorate.
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