Peep of office building of cut expenditure Shanghai retreats transnational corpo
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These days, zhang Wen (alias) go to work even if sleep, press his word, this is to loosen, adjust position. And in former years this moment, he works overtime every day almost. Zhang Wen is the senior agent of estate intermediary company, storm of a finance, irrigate thoroughly destroyed the confidence of the person that buy a house, his business is attacked by heavy retype. " daily economy news " investigate discovery to Shanghai building city, arrive from the person that buy a house development business, arrive again house property intermediary, all got the influence of this banking crisis.

The person that buy a house

The tide that reduce salary forces quit purchasing power

These are eager to undersell building dish owner is not nearsightedness absolutely is goofy. A variety of evidence make clear, american banking crisis had affected country. Enterprise of a lot of foreign capital not only the plan that stopped to enlarge dimensions, more propose a toast through reducing salary to employee, fall the method of welfare, ensure company can peacefully " hibernate " .

Land home mouth is high-grade building dish the feeling of owner may be most deep. Li Zhengju of manager of high-grade residence department discloses Shanghai Central Plains, the allowance renting a house that a few foreign enterprises give employee is cut and apparent. Land home mouth company of banking of some foreign capital, the allowance renting a house that runs the company high by every months 15000 yuan, key is low go to 8000 yuan.

Still be had partial trading company of home by percussive. Set agency not less in Shanghai inside endowment trade business, reduced those who be stationed in Shanghai to be in charge of high to hire room allowance, by former every months of 9000~10000 yuan, reduce reach 8000 yuan / month. The high-end building such as garden of the garden of Ren Hengbin river of Pudong, world Mao Binjiang dish had appeared the circumstance that hire drops. Wang Yanwei of controller of group of villa of Pudong of Central Plains real estate discloses, those 500 strong companies that basically hire villa are in charge of high people the budget renting a house that also begins to reduce them at present, the price of whole and high-grade house that rent glided 5% the left and right sides.

Senior director Zhang Qing discloses Wei Lishi of state of be an official, a lot of in employee of small position foreign nationality and already signed lease but have not migrate in the employee of Shanghai, happen to cancel the event that hire in great quantities. An IT expert that holds a post in HP regrets to ought not to be at the beginning of this year buy a house, as global economy drop in temperature, future his income falls likely also, the likelihood cannot deal with a month to offer. He plans accordingly, lengthen next year still borrow time, still borrow from 15 original years, adjust still borrow, in order to decrease every months still shift expenditure.
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