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What Nimeieryin designed Brasilia of Brazilian new capital 45 years ago is main build and be famous in the whole world, he may be nowadays most the Brazilian culture celebrity with world hep place. Common people says he is " build Picasso " , " century architect " , " living contemporary and artistic legend " . The building with a batch of disparate styles such as contemporary and artistic house is in the building of latin america parliament that he designs and Latin America memorial hall, Brazil Brazil, Latin America and even group of world building design produced tremendous echo.

The biggest characteristic that Nimeier builds a design is bold exploration, show originality the union with the United States. He says, building design must do sth unconventional or unorthodox, reflect personality, resemble any other work of art same, should create the effect that gives your person to find everything new and fresh. "My target is the building that designs an extraordinary, do one's best the technical potential that place of mining concrete structure can show " , he says, when aesthetic, bold with do with sb unconscious and practical function when perfect union, concrete structure lets our take from me as sb please-make unlimited demands generously.

He often says to young architect, learning to come out from the school merely cannot become an outstanding architect, architect must care the problem in the life, go feeling the expectation of the world, go comprehending what should do. accordingly, this old person 100 busy in not by accident the pen is agrarian, the hope is opposite him through writing a book the work of building, opposite, experience to the world and opinion are communicated at the youth. Old age of Ni Mei Er already published informal discussion of memoir, thought and novel to wait in all 6 books, among them memoir " time-speed-distance curve " already reprinted for many times.

1987, by Lu Xi Ao Kesida presents as leading role Brasilia of main architectural of design of town planning, You Nimei Er is labelled by U.N. Educational world culture bequest. Of the same age, nimeier obtains plan of American general benefit to build award. 1998, the highest honor that he obtains the world to build a group when 91 years old of advanced age -- England is Britannic gold prize of royal building institute, this also is Latin America architect obtains this special honour first.
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