The Chengdu inside 5 years rises abruptly " western wall street "
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As forum of market of banking of first China Chengdu hold, make China western the bugle of financial center is formal blow. According to the program, future inside 5 years, the ave will be made be Chengdu east " wall street " , become China western financial center. A few days ago, come when the reporter east ave piece when the city of center of art of antique of bridge sending celestial being of the area, discover this in former days the market of there is few visitors already suddenly change one's identity, finance reads extensively central board already hertz stands however.

Area advantage cannot enemy

Why to choose to let Chengdu east will the ave carry case " western wall street " this banner? "The ave joined east western the oldest Chun Xi way, group of trade of saline city mouth, and piece the area is detachable change land is much, land puts an amount big, can develop a sector of an area much, have very large development latent capacity. " what one chief says bureau of business affairs of area of river of bright and beautiful of no less than, it is an area advantage and can develop the characteristic with large space will east the ave turns world at the moment.

As we have learned, the financial center in the program only then mouth of city of salt of Yu Dong ave, stop big bridge of Yu Sha river, full-length 5.2 kilometers, after building, include the assemble to collect abundant, broken bits to make the bank of 7 foreign capital such as the bank inside 103 finance orgnaization. From the point of current condition, arrive from saline city mouth east ave a gleam of had gathered labour travel, Construction Bank inside endowment subsidiary bank of the province of the bank, city, collect abundant, broken bits to hit, the foreign capital bank such as Holand bank also is entered in succession halt. In addition, sino-British person life, middleman and guarantor, medium the financial company such as De Anlian also assemble is in this a gleam of. Current, the financial company such as firm of the bank of this one belt, negotiable securities, safe, investment amounts to 58, preliminary formed division of financial company assemble, this is " western wall street " of future shape finally built good development atmosphere.

Opportunity maturity take advantage of an opportunity and for

"Now is will east the ave is made " western wall street " superexcellent opportunity. " Wang Jin of adviser of government of people of the Chengdu City, economist expresses, although this one strategy ever also put forward to plan a lot of years ago, but because economic scope is still little, impose a state western development has not reach the designated position about policy, this one program stays in catchword level. Compare Beijing, Shanghai, chengdu develops financial industry to have certain weak power, but be in western area, the advantage of Chengdu is apparent. Wang Jin is right east the future of ave banking center is confident, "Sichuan saves GDP to had exceeded -727379968 yuan, GDP of Chengdu average per capita exceeds 4000 dollars, rank China western the first, development finance center had matured on economic condition. Development finance center had matured on economic condition..
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