Hire of Pudong office building comes 3 years head fall
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To be being shown all the time up for the market of office building of Shanghai high end of the trend, the 3rd quarter 2008 is a turning point. The market of the 3rd quarter that according to intermediate the travel that measure couplet releases yesterday reports, hire of office building of Pudong first class gives now defeat first degrees since 2005, fall 7% . And market field is laid in business, because do not have new business store to supply,alleviate demand, hire carries growth state as before. Accordingly, the attention heat of overseas investor also has the tendency that changes business to shop market from office building market.

Office building increases tenement to was not added

Intermediate measures the report that couplet goes to show, the owner of office building of a few first class is in Pudong new project begins to reduce hire below the competitive pressure of ceaseless emerge in large numbers. Average rent annulus compares office building of Pudong of the 3rd quarter drop 7.7% , it is 9.2 yuan / square metre / day; And empty buy rate is achieved however 11% , annulus comparing rises 6.6% .

Center of Shanghai round-the-world banking and in build a mansion all Yubenji spends complete, these two office building increase supply newly for what the market brings 291906 square metre. However, while office building space increases, tenement did not undertake the dilate of large area. Because make the much business that cross a state adjust its,business increases the demand of target and office space, the demand of this quarterly office building puts delay already. Although make much transnational corporation still maintain growth in Chinese business, but by force of the pressure that comes from company headquarters must the budget that invite applications for a job of cut new employee and office decorate.

Of the depression as a result of global economy and market competition pressure increase, current, the office building owner of Pudong people the main tenement that is willing to offer favourable relet condition to be had with tarry more, begin to reduce hire at the same time.

Pu Xi circumstance slightly good, although square of the East China Sea was the market to add the office space of 65000 square metre, but the competition of Pu Xi office building is less, hire growth still puts delay not to come to 1% .

Downtown business spreads when the river rises the boat goes up too

The 3rd quarter, shanghai a person of extraordinary powers curtilage the market clinchs a deal the amount is not much, buy the home to keep wait-and-see to Chinese economy progress and house price trend. Among them an example is, big rub had service type boarding house " Mount Hua Xia Dou " roll out first quarter this year up to now, its are entered rate still be less than a half. It is reported, this project rents quote to be 35 dollars / square metre / month, clinch a deal valence is in 28, 30 dollars / square metre / month.
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