Office building of Shanghai garden area hits headquarters of area of price tag t
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The property of office of district of business affairs garden with complete establishment of form a complete set is getting the attention of increasing transnational corporation, they in succession the area headquarters oneself or area of garden of business affairs of ingoing of center of research and development, control the pressure of business affairs cost that rises increasingly with this.

High power international is newest release " market of industrial real estate considers to report " show, current, average day hire is area of garden of this city business affairs every square metre 3.66 yuan, relatively the corresponding period rose last year 10.57% . Among them, of Yang Pu achieve wisdom heaven and earth is one of areas of business affairs garden with day hire top level, achieve every square metre 5 yuan. The market report harbor of the multimedia cereal of brake north and Pudong Zhang Jiang is average day hire is controlled 4 yuan in every square metre.

Property of office of district of business affairs garden is handed in cast active. Since this year, this city finishing main industry establishment includes: IBM company builds the office facilities of 30 thousand square metre in Zhang Jiang; Company of happy rate of inspire confidence in sb proposes the office establishment that covers an area of a face to accumulate 1700 square metre in Song Jiangxin; Global software component develops business ILOG to build office building of 2300 square metre to wait in Zhang Jiang. Basically clinch a deal case includes: Er bought shipping of Shanghai beautiful a person of extraordinary powers and Luoke Wei to be located in development of burgeoning technology of short for the Jinghe River of water transport river respectively ten thousand and fifty square metre and the workshop of 9700 square metre; BMW Shanghai grooms the center was purchased fine decide an industrial district the land of 10 thousand square metre. Dark of the base of a fruit restrains one of groups of science and technology with the biggest whole world captive uncle and Lafajiji are round distinguish in garden of treasure mountain industry did not purchase 20 thousand square metre and two land of 100 thousand square metre.

Demand of property of office of district of business affairs garden is driving. Be based on area of business affairs garden office space is ample with hire price relative lower dominant position, transnational corporation is the trend of area of garden of business affairs of its area headquarters or ingoing of center of research and development in ceaseless development. High power international expresses about chief, the government encourages the bag outside flow of research and development, business, bag outside IT to develop energetically with the industry of etc and close tie of science and technology. From long-term in light of, the bitter fleabane break out that accompanies policy to urge an industry exhibits the enlarge with demand of transnational corporation dilate, demand of property of office of district of business affairs garden will maintain powerful momentum, its hire level will continue raise. In phase of industrial structural adjustment, the production company move of low additional cost is gone to 2, the trend of 3 lines city will be even more remarkable, the course of study of the tall add abortion that be worth content after upgrading the demand to facilities of storage of tall qualitative element still exuberant.
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