International capital big alligator is black city of stone head single building
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Group of black rock of international capital big alligator marchs an only business of Chinese building city, make choice of the project of a bazaar of Shanghai macrobian road. But till expire finally, hei Shi still does not have paid and surplus money. Nowadays the circumstance of global economic fluctuation falls, whether does the fund condition of big alligator of this international capital get likewise embroil, let a person must give attention.

This year June, hei Shi head spends city of skill China building, get square of Shanghai macrobian commerce with making an appointment with 1.017 billion yuan of cost to buy 9 into equity; The asset management company that purchases commercial real-estate project technically is created again later, a series of move that its take in Chinese estate market, make the attention central point of inside and outside of course of study.

However, shanghai negotiable securities signs up for exclusive know, best friend easy agreement pays expire, hei Shi is not paid still remaining sum. It is midway is born after all changing still is capital problem, rather let Lv of popular feeling impeach. According to outstanding finance this year the announcement July, bail already paid 80 million yuan on June 1, remaining sum will be in " since end date plan 90 in the future first business day pays " . However, according to relevant agreement computation, pay finally time already passed, but remaining sum still did not see reason tardy.

Fang Zhuo of sell one's own things of square of Shanghai macrobian commerce jumps over finance, ever issued announcement on July 4 at was being mixed on June 15 this year respectively, fair show this property carry out grants Hei Shi's circumstance. According to its the announcement content July 4, hei Shi besides need Xiang Zhuo to pay 625.5 million yuan of net cost to buy project company more besides 90% equity, add even did not return loan principal specified amount 90% namely 391.5 million yuan, aggregate total prices is 1.017 billion yuan.

The personage expresses to the reporter related Hei Shi, the job enrolling business of macrobian commerce square already by " Hei Shi is taken over " , and running in. He also expresses at the same time, according to relevant agreement, pay finally what buy the home need is referenced each consign condition, "Still some of detail needs to check and accept. "Still some of detail needs to check and accept..

According to relevant agreement, surplus money basis in the agreement " multinomial adjust a limitation " can undertake adjustment. Partial items goes out in enumerate in numerous limitative condition, allude outstanding the construction project that wants affirmatory whole project will be finished according to having a design, and this year on August 15 or close day finishs complete. In addition, outstanding still require Xiang Heishi delivery each correlate course of study proves a file, include to construction project complete checks and accept report and construction project complete among them put on record the carbon of the watch.
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