The first high-rise of Chinese will begin construction in Shanghai predict 2014
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The first high-rise of Chinese " Shanghai center " begin construction inside year, make an appointment with complete is 580 meters tall 2014, interior will make 9 " the garden in sky "

The first high-rise of Chinese -- of Shanghai center edifice " dragon " plan model, had garrisoned house of Shanghai town planning sadly, with Jin Mao edifice and round-the-world banking center are formed " 3 sufficient tripartite balance of forces " posture. It is reported, a series of preparation works before start working of Shanghai center edifice are finished basically already, project hopeful began construction in December this year, be in about complete was finished 2014.

Bidding through many reach after choosing, the building design program of Shanghai center is finally certainly " dragon " plan, building of Gensler of United States of this honest brief of a case designs an office to offer.

Look from the exterior, "Shanghai center " circle like spiral megalosaurus, "Dragon end " circle in edifice coping on become warped, 580 meters " height " will become Shanghai new height.

This is as high as 580 meters " perpendicular city " interior will make 9 " the garden in sky " , whole building will be become by construction function of office building of a collect, hotel, retail, recreation at an organic whole " omnibus freeboard layer is built " . Specific and character, shanghai center edifice plans to be area of 5 big functions, give priority to with office building, but will assemble at the same time the function of area of area of guild hall of masses commerce and recreational division city, enterprise, high-quality goods hotel and coping experiences (sightseeing) space. In addition, in the annex of project of Shanghai center edifice, what still can hold the setting 1200 people is muti_function mobile center.

Shanghai center edifice is in its are newest disclose in a report that publish, after project building, total floor area will achieve five hundred and fifty-eight thousand eight hundred square metre, the center of Shanghai round-the-world banking that borders more than the total floor area of 380 thousand square metre. Nevertheless, in the total floor area of Shanghai center edifice, the floor area on the ground of the edifice is three hundred and seventy-nine thousand seven hundred square metre about, subterranean floor area achieves about 179 thousand square metre. In the subterranean floor area of the edifice, the underground that included an area to make an appointment with 10 thousand square metre stops a garage, can offer 2000 cars at the same time park.
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